What is a progressive Jackpot Slot at a Online Casino?

April 14, 2015
When it come to online slots, and Jackpot Slots are included, the creme de la creme of the lot are progressive Jackpot Slots! There are plenty of reasons as to why Progressive Jackpot Slots are so good that we will get into. First though, a little description on what a Progressive Jackpot Slot is, and what separates it from a regular Jackpot Slot may be in order. With a regular Jackpot Slot, such as the Jackpot Slots found live in Vegas and the lot you will often have a set jackpot prize.

A large £25,000 jackpot sign or something of the sort is quite a common sight. This is money that the casino has set aside for any time a player hits the jackpot on one of their Jackpot Slots and they are immediately given the set amount. This is the most intuitive way to run a Jackpot Slot for sure, however there can be a few drawbacks to this. The most important drawback is that the jackpot will never truly get ridiculously high, nor will it have the potential to get ridiculously high, and this after all is what the players are looking for from a Jackpot Slot (although you’d never see us be upset with a £25k win for sure!). This is where the Progressive Jackpot Slots come in. The Progressive Jackpot Slots have found a way to keep everyone happy - both the casino and the player by offering ridiculously large jackpot prizes while never breaking their bank when they pay out- win win for sure. So how a Progressive Jackpot Slot works is as such. A certain Jackpot Slot, or even a series of Jackpot Slots will all be connected to each other.

The progressive jackpot on this Jackpot Slot or series of Jackpot Slots can be won by any player playing one of these interconnected games. When they do win on the Progressive Jackpot Slot they will win the Progressive Jackpot, and this value can vary quite greatly, but will always be worth winning one way or another. Each Progressive Jackpot Slot that is connected to this one Progressive Jackpot will be paying a certain amount of money into the prize pool with each spin. They do this by setting aside some of the stake they used in their Progressive Jackpot Slot game and put it in this pool.

Quite often there will be a rule that says you must be wagering a certain stake to qualify for the Progressive Jackpot Slot to ensure that every player is inputting an equal amount and making it a little fairer for all the players. However this is not always the case and can sometimes be a rather small amount anyway as seen by the Finnish player who won 15 million pounds on a Progressive Jackpot Slot off a spin of just under 25p. So an example would be that if you were playing a Progressive Jackpot Slot at say 50 pence a spin then around 1 or 2 pence will go into the Progressive Jackpot prize pool, while the rest will stay in your machine for its ingame jackpots, bonus rounds and all that other good stuff. Furthermore every other player playing the same Progressive Jackpot Slot as yourself, or one that is connected to your slot will be doing the exact same. So with the sheer number of players playing Progressive Jackpot Slots now this can equal to money racking up fast.

If you have ever looked at a Progressive Jackpot Slot prize and seen that the number keeps rising then this is the reason as to why. The idea is that the Progressive Jackpot prize can in theory become nearly unlimited in the size it can reach before somebody takes it down, which is why more often than not you are seeing a player win more than 1 million pounds with a spin. However once the Progressive Jackpot has been won, the prize pool will drop down to its starting value, which is usually a nice sum, and start to build its way back up again.

The Progressive Jackpot Slots prize pools normally fill back up extremely quickly regardless, and the starting value is something you wish you could win anyway, so there is no real downside other than you are not able to win a super ridiculous amount of money, and only a ridiculous amount of money for a small amount of time - hard lines eh? That being said it should be noted there can be some Progressive Jackpot Slots that offer more than one Progressive Jackpot, and this can be done multiple ways. Either they make the prizes a little smaller so you aren’t paying inasmuch on each spin, or they take a little extra and have two or more equally huge Progressive Jackpots for you to take down.

Some of the positives of playing a Progressive Jackpot Slot like this are that even if one of the Progressive Jackpots have recently been won, there is still another huge one to take down and so the excitement never leaves, and the second reason is that with more Progressive Jackpots to win, the more frequently players win and therefore far more happy players! So as you can see there are just a few differences between your regular Jackpot Slot and a Progressive Jackpot Slot.

The main one is clearly that the Progressive Jackpot Slot does not have a set value of how much a player can win at any one time other than the base value which it is practically never at. The way that your money is separated in the slot is the second way that the two versions differentiate with the Progressive Jackpot Slot taking a small amount and adding it to this ever growing prize pool. Finally the Progressive Jackpot Slot offers much much larger prizes than your traditional Jackpot Slot ever does, so if you’re playing for the purpose of hitting that life changing win, then we thinking a Progressive Jackpot Slot is for you!

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